//Common Questions and Answers About Fancy Vents

Common Questions and Answers About Fancy Vents

Q: Is there something behind the design or is that the filter I see?

A: All Fancy Vents have a fine metal mesh screen welded to the back of the door behind the decorative casting. This screen will be the same color as the rest of the vent and helps to break up the look of the filter. This does not impede air flow and the easiest way to clean is with a new paintbrush and/or the hose attachment on a vacuum cleaner.


Q: How do I know what size Fancy Vent to order? Do you come to my house to measure?

A: We typically build to the current filter size used. If there is no filter at the return we build to the EXACT rough opening of the hole. This goes for small registers as well. We do not typically do in home estimates since finding out your filter size is as simple as looking at the size printed on your filter. If you still aren’t sure you can always email or text us a picture of your hole or current vent cover.


Q: Is design and color additional cost depending on what you choose?

A: No, design and color is included in the cost, all vents are priced by SIZE. The only exceptions would be for custom vents if extra materials are ordered that we don’t already offer on our website. All quotes will be calculated for total cost for any custom design requests.


Q: If my current vent cover is in a tight spot or touching a baseboard will a Fancy Vent still work?

A: Fancy Vents are typically 1/8 inch bigger on each side than a standard white louvered vent cover. If the current vent cover is already touching something (baseboard, wall, door frame, trim, etc) and there is not at least 1/8 inch of space we need to know that so we can can trim our outside flange. If the current vent cover is cut into something like a baseboard we would like a picture to determine how many sides need to be trimmed. Rule of thumb is if it’s touching now it probably needs to be trimmed, so send us a picture via email or text and we can tell you for sure.


Q: Can Fancy Vents be used in floors and ceilings?

A: YES! We are very excited that we have finally found a way to use Fancy Vents in floors, it’s the most common request we have gotten over the years and we have added additional steel bars under the vent for extra support. Floor returns and small registers need to have a 2 inch depth of clearance into the hole and 1 1/2 inch clearance on each side around the outside of the hole (If you aren’t sure, contact via email or call/text). For ceilings, we have always done Fancy Vents in ceilings and they are perfectly safe in ceilings as long as you have a framed in hole for the inside frame to screw into.


Q: Do you have a retail space I can come purchase Fancy Vents at?

A: No, we do not have a retail shop. If you are local to the Nashville Area you can visit The Factory at Franklin and see our wall display to look at some Fancy Vents in person. You can only purchase online or over the phone. We ship all over the USA.


Q: Do you make small vents?

A: Yes, we handcraft EVERY Fancy Vent at our small shop in Nolensville, TN. We can build just about any size. The only issue with smaller vents is that your design options are more limited, but you can still choose any of our 7 colors. We can typically fix your issue of not being able to find an odd size off the shelf somewhere. We have been making small vents for some time now by request and hope to have them as standard options on the website soon!


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via email, call or text!


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